FIBA LiveStats Version 7 has been designed with an auto-connect feature meaning the Webcast for a game will automatically connect when the scheduled tip-off time is 30 minutes or less away. If a game is opened more than 30 minutes before tip-off time, FIBA LiveStats will display a countdown timer indicating the time remaining until the Webcast is due to connect (i.e. counting down until 30 minutes before the scheduled tip-off).

In case the countdown shows incorrect information, the game tip-off time in FIBA LiveStats is set incorrectly and it has to be corrected via Game -> Edit Game Information menu.

In these cases when starting the game earlier Game Status has to be updated clicking No Delay button near Game Message and selecting Early option.

If for some reasons the Webcast does not automatically connect when the countdown reaches 00:00 or the tip-off time is less than 30 minutes away Connect Now button is being displayed.

If this button does not appear or clicking it does not initiate the connection, these are possible solutions:

  1. Change Webcast port via Settings -> Webcast menu.
  2. Use different venue connection.
  3. Use mobile hotspot.
  4. Disable antivirus software.
  5. Disable firewall

Note. If the game tip-off time is later than in 30 minutes but the game is still started earlier than the Webcast has connects, the Webcast will connect automatically when game clock is started in the initial jump ball window. The Webcast should automatically reconnect following a disconnection, providing Internet connection is still available.