LiveStats 7.6.3565 updatehas been released. This is a mandatory update.


The release includes the following fixes:


Match can be Finished with Game Score being Equal (please find more on this below)


FLS does not Reconnect when user Closes and Re-opens the game (not the app itself)


The License error message about not Allow Editing Players is shown after changing Player No. more than once


  • Cannot set Locations in already Confirmed Periods
  • Initial Jumpball editing now working
  • League Headers / Footers not visible using Game Licensing (Note: League Headers / Footers are related to Licensing System directly, therefore, those will only be visible for games loaded from the League Games list in the FLS)
  • Default Headers / Footers available for games not related to Licensing (creating Manual Games or Loading via Match Keys)
  • Editing shot from first 2 quarters location for 2 points are incorrect
  • Expanded Action Log cannot be Opened/Closed in some cases
  • Match Information pop-up should be enabled for Finalized games
  • FT amount is changed after making a Sub in the FT selection screen
  • Possession Arrow does not change back when editing Initial Jump ball
  • FT on unsportsmanlike/technical fouls are flagged without rebound
  • Application allows sending Error Report without Description
  • Select All button available in the Players tab in Game Setup
  • Period cannot be set-up if internet connection is dropped in-between periods
  • Technical Couch Foul: Inserting Free Throw for it crashes the app
  • After missed shot Team Rebound is made available for both teams
  • Points in the paint calculations are off

    1. Match can be Finished with Game Score being Equal


At the End of a last Game Period AND after a Period is Confirmed, the user is able to:

  1. Click on the Finish Match button in the Game menu.
  2. Finish Match pop-up is displayed for Yes / No confirmation.
  3. Click Yes: Period is Finished / Click No: Nothing happens, pop-up is closed
  4. Finalise Game button is available (as usual, in the Game Clock area)


Known Issues:


 Webcast Port change is not working correctlyWe will be applying a Hotfix for this on Monday (02-Oct)


FLS does not reconnect to Webcast if Internet Connection is not  available when opening an Existing or a League Game. Temporary workaround: FLS restart with and Internet connection restored before opening a match. We will be applying a Hotfix for this on Monday (02-Oct)


In the Players tab (Game Setup), the table does not scroll down automatically when Add Player button is clicked. This might create a false impression that the user is not able to add players.