LiveStats Version 7 - Score Confirmation 

In FIBA LiveStats V7 at the end of each quarter the score has to be confirmed. It is important that users ensure correct procedure is followed at all times.

At the end of each quarter statisticians have to click End Quarter button. After that the system prompts to confirm the end of quarter score in the middle of the screen:

Note. End quarter action is irreversible - once confirmed, it can not be removed. All missed last second actions will have to be added via Action Log.

Once the score confirmation appears an operator should:

1. Check the game score is correct as per the scoresheet and score board

2. Make any required edits to the score

3. Confirm the quarter score

4. Make additional edits to non-scoring and scoring related actions

If the score is correct, Confirm Now button should be used. Once this has been selected, an operator can move to the next quarter.

Please check below video to see game confirmation workflow when the score is correct.

If any scoring actions have to be edited - Edit Events button will open Action Log for editing. At this stage users must ensure they complete any score action edits (including delete and inserts) which will affect the score (for example, changing made shot value from 2 points to 3 points). This is crucial so that fans tracking the Game Center (Webcast) are provided with accurate quarter by quarter scores. Other edits which do not affect the score (for example, changing shot value for missed shot or adding missed assist) can be completed afterwards.

There is also an option to Confirm Later if you need to return to the game screen for any reason.

In case of any edits or later confirmation, Confirm Quarter button near game clock will still be active to prompt again for score confirmation.


Please check below video to see game confirmation with score editing workflow.