Before completing work with FIBA LiveStats, statisticians need to finalize the game.

Once the final quarter has finished, FLS will prompt to confirm the quarter score in a pop-up window which appears after Finish Quarter button near Game Clock is selected. It is important all necessary edits have been completed if the score was incorrect and correct score confirmed via the below window.

Note. At this stage if any flagged actions appeared during the game, FLS will notify on it.

After confirming the score, statisticians will be prompted with a new button near Game Clock called Finish Match. This should be selected right when correct score is confirmed and the game is finished.

After finishing the game all other edits (not related to game score) should be performed. Only when all game data is correct and complete, Finalize Game button near Game Clock should be selected.


 Statisticians will be then prompted to confirm that they wish to finalize via the below screen. 


Note. The Finalize Game function should always be selected with the Webcast still activated. The Webcast should be active at all time during a match for best results. The Webcast will only operate if there is internet available at the venue and the PC is connected to the Internet. If for some reasons the Webcast is not connected at the end of the game export fls file and share with the league or contact Genius Sports support

Please check below video to see game finalization workflow.