As was the case with Version 6 statisticians will need to finalize the game before completing their work with FIBA LiveStats.  


Once the final period has finished, you will be prompted to confirm the period score. A window will appear after you select “Confirm Now” allowing you to confirm period scores. It is important that you ensure you have completed all necessary edits and confirmed score as correct via the below window.

Refer to screenshots below:


After confirming the score, statisticians will be prompted with a new button to the right of the FIBA LiveStats game clock called "Finalise Game", if all edits have been completed and the score is confirmed, statisticians should select to “Finalise Game”. 


Refer to screenshot below: 



Statisticians will be then prompted to confirm that they wish to finalise via the below screen. 


Finalise Game needs to be selected at the end of a match to confirm the match is finished and all match data is valid (i.e. stats ands cores have been cross-checked with scorers table).

Note: The Finalise Game function should always be selected with the Webcast still activated. Webcasts should be active at all time during a match for best results. The Webcast will only operate if there is internet available at the venue and the PC is connected to the Internet.