Please ensure you have both FIBA LiveStats Version 7 and the Broadcast (TV) Feed Client installed before proceeding.

FIBA LiveStats V7 -

Broadcast (TV) Feed Client - Download

1. Ensure that both FIBA LiveStats and the Broadcast (TV) Feed Client are running.

2. In FIBA LiveStats select SETTINGS -> In-Venue Feed -> START TV FEED. Feed status should change from STOPPED to RUNNING.


This feed is provided in venue by means of a LAN connection. It provides both individual actions and aggregated data.

The Broadcast (TV) feed is a simple TCP socket connecting to specified port. By default the port number is 7677 on the computer running the LiveStats software, however this can be changed in venue by the statistician. For correct values, you will need to confirm with the statistician in venue.

3. Open TV Feed Client and ensure Server Port is the same within both applications - click Connect.

On connection you must send a parameters message specifying the data you want to be sent in the stream. If you do not send this message within 5 seconds of connection, the connection will be closed automatically. If you do not want to set a parameter it does not need to be included in the message. If no parameters need to be set then a blank message with only the type parameter set should be sent.

4. Once connected you should see a Connection Status: True in both incoming and outgoing fields, as shown below:

5. Actions in FIBA LiveStats will now be sent to Broadcast (TV) Feed Client.

Please check below video for connecting to Broadcast (TV) Feed Client in FLS.