"Within the new FIBA LiveStats V7, League Managers will now be able to edit a game once it has been Finalized using their own "License Code". This will allow for more accuracy and in statistics and ensures that all elements reflect the same stats (Webcast, websites and widgets).

To add or change your License Code see here.

1. Once you have the correct License Code active in FIBA LiveStats you will see a new button "Load Past Game" click on this to move on.

2. You will now see the below screen. Enter the match key of the game that you wish to edit where prompted and select next. 

3. This will now retrieve the game and open the "Action Log Editing" window for the specified game. (note - if the game is not found please check your match key/the match has not already been edited) 

You are now able to make the necessary changes to the game, by editing or inserting necessary actions. You can also filter on the left to help find a specific action. 

4. Once all edits/adjustments are made and you are sure all changes are final with the statistics, select "GAME" and then "Save & Publish Game Data" as below. This will send the new statistics to our system and update the Webcast. 

Note - You can only Save and Publish the edited data once, so be sure that everything is correct.