Statisticians have the ability to add a League Licence Code to FIBA LiveStats - this allows statisticians to directly access upcoming games without a Game Key, thus simplifying the pre-game process for statisticians.

Note. With the Licence Code respective games are available in the League Game's list not earlier than 48 hours before the tip-off time. 

Alternatively, Game Keys can still be used as normal to download games. In order to add your LiveStats Licence Code, see the below steps.

1. On the FIBA LiveStats Home Page select SETTINGS->Licensing.

2. Paste the Licence Code provided by your League Manager into the space provided and select ADD.


3. This will input the Licence Code into FLS, to make the new League licence active. Once activated it will become highlighted and a tick will appear next to the name. Users should then select CONTINUE.

4. Users will then be returned to the home screen. All available games will appear on League Games list.

To ensure the new Licence Code is active select SETTINGS->Licensing again. The active Licence Code is indicated by a green Active box. 

Note. If multiple Licence Codes have been loaded, users can switch between licences by selecting the blank circle in front of each licence name and then CONTINUE.

Check video how to add Licence Code to FIBA LiveStats and switch between multiple License Codes.