LiveStats Version 7 - Restricted (Guided) Workflows

In FIBA LiveStats V7 workflows (e.g. steals, free throws) are restricted, meaning the program will provide guidance and prompt you to enter the next logical action in the sequence. This prevents against errors and therefore improves the overall accuracy of stats being recorded.

e.g. Steals: In contrast to previous versions of the program, it's no longer possible to enter a steal and then a turnover, as there is no "steal" button available in FLS V7. Instead, a steal will be prompted only after the turnover is recorded, which is practical according to logic of the game. Even more - steal will be prompted only when bad pass or ball handling turnover is added.

The below demonstrates how options are now restricted/guided when entering turnover and steal actions:

e.g. Free Throws: You will also notice there is no free throw button in FLS V7. Free throws have to be added as part of an associated foul action as displayed below. Free throws can only be selected after the foul location, player who recorded the foul, foul type and the player who received the foul have been selected. Even more - FLS will provide free throw outcome window not only when Shooting, Technical, Unsportsmanlike or Disqualifying foul is selected, but also when Personal foul finishes with free throws because of team foul penalty situation.

These workflow solutions have been designed to assist statisticians in entering the correct sequence of actions. FLS V7 supports you in this regard.

Please check below video for Restricted Workflow examples (steals and free throws).