LiveStats Version 7 - Revised Clock Management

In FIBA LiveStats (V7) the clock can only be started/stopped using either a keyboard space bar or by clicking the start/stop button. That means operators should start the clock in FLS when referees show starting clock gesture and stop the clock when they hear a whistle. 

This will also make it easier in the future to integrate official timing devices into FIBA LiveStats.


Stopped clock:

Running clock:

Note. The only situation when clock is started automatically - when player for rebound is selected after missed last free throw.

To adjust the clock slightly, arrows near minutes and seconds (tenth of seconds in the last minute of a quarter) can be used. 

Manual clock setting can be done by double clicking on the game clock display at the top of the FLS interface.  In the pop up statisticians can enter the clock time and make larger clock adjustments efficiently (when required). 

Note. Statisticians should try to keep the game clock in sync with the live clock at the stadium at all times, this feature should only be used in special circumstances.