LiveStats Version 7 - Action Log Overview

The Action log is the list of all actions added by an operator. It allows statisticians to edit actions quickly and observe linked actions as they are recorded throughout the course of the game.

Statisticians will notice the Action Log displayed vertically on the right-side of the program. This will build progressively as actions are recorded according to logic. It will also group actions together in the relevant sequence and close when the sequence completes.

The Action Log on the right side holds 20-25 last actions. Any of them can be opened to review or edit. If those do not include actions needed, statisticians can expand and view the Action Log in-depth.

Here statisticians can choose to filter through different actions using the tab on the left-side of the window. These filters include Teams, Players, Quarters and action types as well as flagged actions. Statisticians will also see the option to Edit and Delete individual actions from this screen.

The marker in the Linked column displays actions which are linked - for example, Foul and Foul On, Made shot and Assist and etc. When statisticians select the action with Linked marker, FLS will automatically highlight the actions that are linked in that sequence. If the action which has follow up action is deleted, linked action is deleted as well - removing missed shot will delete the rebound as well.

In the expanded Action Log it is possible to insert missed actions. There are two options to insert these actions - either before some certain action or after it.

Note. Follow up actions (e.g. Assist) should be inserted by choosing the main action (Made Shot) and editing it.

Please check below video to see Action Log overview.