The new FIBA LiveStats (V7) now tracks possession, not just the possession arrow, as "downstream" customers want to know who has the ball, not just what time and period of the game it is. This can now be provided with greater accuracy.

1) Before the start of the game (after starting fives selected), Jump Ball button should be selected:

2) Jump Ball players should be selected, game clock started and team which recovered the ball selected.

After that, current team with possession is marked in green "POSS" mark, while possession arrow is displayed in black:

According to the actions added, for example missed shot + defensive rebound or made shot + assist, "POSS" mark changes or remains for the same team:

Possession arrow is managed by choosing Jump Ball button and selecting jump ball type. After the clock is started, possession arrow changes:

Possession arrow switches automatically after the start of each period and before the start of the third period when teams switch their courts.