In an effort to make recorded foul actions more accurate and informative for "downstream" products and users, we have made some updates to the method in which these actions are entered into the FIBA LiveStats (FLS) program. Below are the revised steps for recording fouls.

1) Select the location of the foul on the court - You will notice that the foul button is now highlighted and available to select:


2) With the foul location selected, the program will prompt statistician to select the player who recorded the foul. Note - Fouls can now be attributed to players on the bench, or a coach from a team:


3) Once the player has been selected, you will be required to select the foul type:

4) FLS will then prompt you to select the player who received the foul: 


5) Next you will be prompted to select whether or not free throws have been awarded:

6) Statisticians will also notice the Action Log displayed on the right-hand side updating with actions that occur during this sequence. Note - Statisticians can now make substitutions during the free-throw sequence:


 7) Statisticians can also select if the foul occurred on the "Fast Break" (or not) using the relevant option:


8) Once the correct options/actions have been selected, statisticians should select “Next” to continue:

At this point you will notice the team foul count has increased and the player number has received a notch, indicating a foul has been assigned to them:

These changes will help to ensure that foul actions are recorded correctly, with convenient access to all associated options that might occur during this phase.