There are 3 kinds of box scores in FLS:

  1. FIBA box score
  2. Box score
  3. Box score landscape.

FIBA Box score can be generated either with Efficiency (calculated using Formula: (Points + Assists + Blocks + Steals + Rebounds + Fouls Against ) - (Turnovers + Blocks Received + Fouls + Missed shots and free throws) or with +/- (a player's impact on the game, represented by the difference between their team's total scoring versus their opponent's when the player is in the game) rating:

This type of box score includes all main statistical categories together with a legend:

You can find some extra information which is calculated from info entered during the game:

Box score (the second menu item) is very similar to FIBA Box score. It includes both Efficiency and +/- ratings. Here 2 point shooting percentage is omitted, but Blocks against included. 

Box score landscape report includes much more calculated information.

For personal performance Minutes (Min), Points (Pts), shooting percentage ( 2pt, 3 pt, field goals and free throws) and number of dunks (Dnk), Rebounds (offensive - O, defensive - D and total - T), Fouls (for - F and against - A), Steals (St), turnovers (To), Assists (As), Blocks (for and against), Efficiency (Val), Offensive efficiency rating (OE), Points per minute (P/M) and +/- rating are included.

Offensive efficiency rating = Points/((1pmissed+1pmade)/2+ (2pmissed+2pmade)+ (3pmissed+3pmade)+Turnovers).

P/M stands for points per played minutes.

Total team performance is broken to periods.

For team performance Assits/Turnovers, Steals/Turnovers, Personal fouls/Fouls against, Off rebounds/Missed shots, Def rebounds/Opp missed and Total rebounds/All rebounds ratios are calculated. Points, Points percentage, Field goals percentage, Rebounds, Rebound percentage and Minutes percentage are broken between starters and bench players. Also Points from Turnovers, Fast break points, 2nd chance points and Points in the paint are provided.

Validated vs. Non-validated report:

Statisticians would normally print in-game reports without checking Validate.

This will result in a “Not validated” message in the top right corner.

This means that the stats have not been thoroughly verified and would explain potential errors in it.

It is expected that an official “validated” box score is printed at the end of the game, when everything (most importantly overall score, period score, individual scoring and personal fouls) has been compared with the official score-sheet and verified. Checking Validate on will remove the “Not validated” message and give you a clean report.

International vs. Local name type

Some accounts in countries, which use non-Latin languages, contain two sets of names for data base entries - one in Latin and one in local language. Selecting International in Name Type field will print the report in Latin and in specified local language, when Local is selected.

International name set box score

Local name set box score