How to Import Match Statistics from FIBA Livestats

1. After the online match has finished, statisticians will be then prompted to confirm that they wish to finalize via the below screen:

2. Wait a couple of minutes and in FIBA Organizer find the match you want to upload. Select Stats->Import from FIBA LiveStats.

3. If you entered any persons (player, coach) before the game manually in FIBA LiveStats, Map players window will pop up if name/surname does not match. Find the missing person from the drop-down selector and click Save button.

4. If the missing person doesn't appear in the drop-down selector, it means this person is not added to the team - this can be added by League Manager. You can read support articles:

Note. Start date of the person in team should be the game's day or before the game, otherwise this person won't appear in drop-down selector again.

When the missing person is added to the team, repeat points #2 and #3.


5. In case any corrections should be made after uploading statistics and game can not be edited in FIBA LiveStats with post-game editing, edits can be made directly in FIBA Organizer - select Stats->Edit statistics. Make corrections and click Save button.