Here is details on how data for TV graphics could be gathered from FIBA LiveStats.

Actually there are two options:

  1. Use FIBA LiveStats TV Feed adapter application, which provides aggregated game live statistics in XML format, which is constantly updated after each game action.
  2. Directly read live messages from TCP server (created by FIBA LiveStats) and generate statistics by yourself.


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Option No.1


Use FIBA LiveStats TV feed adapter application.


FIBA LiveStats TV feed adapter application works as client to TCP server, which is created by FIBA LiveStats application on statistician's computer. TV Feed adapter applications listens for game actions (which comes from FIBA LiveStats), generates XML document and serves it on web-server, which is created on computer running TV Feed adapter app.


Please find attached several files to this email:


File "FIBA_LiveStats_TV_Feed_vX.pdf"

This file describes quick steps how FIBA LiveStats can be downloaded, activated license for TV feed and started TCP server. Document also describes quick steps how FIBA LiveStats TV Feed adapter application can be downloaded and started to use.


In order to have TV Feed functionality working on FIBA LiveStats, you should active it using this license key: RXKC9-W2DAM-FQLGJ-E4B56-3H7YU

Note: Use this license key only for testing purposes.

In order to get License Keys for production use, please contact our support team via Freshdesk.


File "tv_feed_adapter_example.xml" - example of "FullGame" XML feed, which is provided by TV Feed adapter application. XML contains basic game data including information about the players, game box-score, game starters, scoreboard for each team per period and score chart.

YouTube tutorial now available:


FIBA LiveStats V6 User Manual can be downloaded from here: 


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Option No.2


All steps how to activate TV Feed in FIBA LiveStats are the same as in Option No.1. The main differences in Option No.2 is that you need read live messages from TCP server directly. This is the hard way, because you’ll need to read and aggregate statistics by yourselves, which requires invest more time to develop your own solution, which would meet your own requirements.


Please note that TCP server is created on port 7676 on statistician’s computer.


Please find document “TVFeed V4.0.0.x.pdf” (attached), which contains all the details how to connect and read data from TCP server.


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