1. In Fiba Organizer Online go to Competition->Competitions, click Create-> League button. NOTE: you have to create separate League for each competition (for example Men, Women, Friendlies, etc.).

2. In New League window enter Name (both in local and English), select Gender, enter Number of Referees.

3. In the same window check tick box near Use FIBA LiveStats webcast (this allows to use FIBA LiveStats software for league games).

Also Competition level and Age group should be set. 

If you can not find necessary age groups, you need to add them separately.

4. If needed - change duration for quarter and overtime and other game settings in League setting tab.

5. Enter other information if needed and click Save button.

6. In League list select a new competition (Men's Tier1) and click Create-> Tournament button.

7. In New Tournament window enter Name (both in local and English) - normally it is the same as League name. Click Save button.

8. In League list select a new tournament (Men's Tier1) and click Create-> Season button.



9.  In New Season window input the current League season name (which will be visible through out the system (box score printouts, widgets, webcast etc), choose Season from dropdown menu. Mark it as Visible. Edit Efficiency Formula if needed. Enter Start and Finish dates. Choose Parameter set  for boxscore. Edit Parameters manually if needed (might want to include referees, coaches, attendance and etc in boxscore). Allow changes for closed games (if mistakes during the game has to be edited after the game manually). Click Save button.

10.  In League list select a new season (2016-2017) and click Create-> Group button (If you do not see a league or season you have created, check if above League list in Competition structure window the right season is chosen).

11.  In New Group window enter Name for group (it might be Regular season, Play-offs, Group A and etc.) and select Type (R for Round Robin system, B for Playoffs) and click Save button.