When manual game import to FIBA Organizer is needed (using .exp files from FIBA LiveStats), you have to follow the steps below:

I. Creation of .exp file in FIBA LiveStats

1) From the main FIBA LiveStats menu pick File >> Export >> Text File

2) Then follow the instructions on the screen and click on the EXPORT button:


3) Once the export process is complete click on the FINISH button and your .exp file will be created.

The name of the file is automatically assigned and is lsg"game number".exp. For example: lsg302608.exp

IMPORTANT NOTE: FIBA LiveStats stores all files in C://Users/Public Users/Public Documents/FIBA/FIBA LiveStats/ExportFiles - for the exp.files

II. Importing the .exp file manually to FIBA Organizer

1) Open the Daily Admin tab and choose the respective competition

2) Open the respective competition with the game listing

3) Right-click on the game line and select Import Game from LiveStats option

4) Browse for the .exp file and locate it - Exported Files folder or wherever you have stored it on your PC;

5) Very important note: the names FLS assign to .exp files differs to the IDs of the games in FO. It means you should compulsory rename the .exp file to match the FO game's ID, otherwise it will not work. 

6) Click on Open

7) FIBA Organize will then localize the game and match the .exp file with the actual game in the database

8) And import all the data

After the end of the process your game will be imported.

NOTE: During the manual import of .exp file all the players who are in the database and were spelled incorrect in FLS for some reason will ask for matching using the option Match and Import and all the new (non-existing in the database) players should be added using the button Add as New Player. In the last case the player will be added to the roster of the team.