New Features:

  • Updated Release Notes screen to ensure easier navigation between FIBA LiveStats versions.
  • Added functionality, which directs user to release notes list after FIBA LiveStats is updated to new version. 
  • Improved Tip-in type shot actions by making shot position recorded as basket position by default.
  •   Added ability to WebCast game to integration environment.

  •   Improved team logo upload functionality. From now FIBA LiveStats allows to upload Team Logos up to

    400 x 400px size JPG pictures.

  •   Updated support link (menu HELP -> SUPPORT).

  •   Updated process of game data import to FIBA LiveStats to be able to accept non-numeric player’s

    external Id.

  •   Added FIBA LiveStats version to be always visible in application screen.

  •   Updated License Agreement in FIBA LiveStats installation of Spanish, French and Italian versions.

  •   Updated FIBA Event version in order to accept Warehouse game keys.

  •   Improved list of players by being records sorted by shirt number, lastname and firstname in manually created games (FLS-814). The same logic has been applied for player’s records, which is downloaded using game key. 

  • Added Score Query functionality, which allows for statistics operator notify when game score is unreliable in FIBA LiveStats. 

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug that caused the initial list of players is not updated after editing a substitution actions.

  •   Fixed bug, that allowed to save various game actions (assists, foulon, etc) without a player to be indicated

    in edit form.

  •   Fixed bug, which caused an error on generating Combination reports before any substitutions is made.

  •   Fixed interface bug, which makes the "active element" cursor being displayed outside active element

    zone in Recent games list.

  •   Fixed interface bug of Grey color as a team color in the main screen of the game.

  •   Fixed layout bug, which caused a border being missed in box-score report (on totals row).

  •   Fixed bug, which caused an access violation error after “Clear Shot Chart” action is done in shot’s edit


  •   Fixed bug on Coach Technical foul being sent incorrectly (incorrect subType constant) to LiveStream.

  •   Fixed bug, for which users have been not informed about the computer time not being synchronized in

    case when WebCast was started in auto mode.

  •   Fixed bug, which allowed to leave mandatory fields empty in a game setup form.

  •   Fixed minor bug in a layout of game screen by fixing the horizontal alignment of score digits .

  •   Some fixes have been done to make FIBA LiveStats being more perfect in re-connection after connection

    has been lost.

  •   Fixed bug, for which FIBA LiveStats version was not provided in TV Feed XML.

  •   Fixed bug, which caused an error on loading Box-score report (with Efficiency included) before any game

    action is entered.

  •   Improved game finalization workflow in case when FIBA LiveStats is disconnected from WebCast before

    game finalization is done. FIBA LiveStats will send finalization message right after applications connected

    again to WebCast.

  •   Fixed bug, which caused an error on closing FIBA LiveStats in case when game in not finalized yet.

  •   Fixed bug, which caused the statistician’s ID not being logged.

  •   Fixed bug, which makes first reconnection after disconnection to be 60 seconds rather than 15 seconds.

  •   Fixed bug, which caused a failure loading game from game file, which has an extra character in file name.

  •   Fixed bug, which caused an access violation error on clock adjust.

  •   Fixed bug, which caused an argument out of range exception when saving configuration without printer


  •   Done some updates to make sure that Official’s nationality is downloaded correctly in FIBA LiveStats.

  •   Fixed a bug, which caused a Spacebar being active in FIBA LiveStats even when other application is in the


  •   Fixed bug, which caused a failure on sending Operator / Caller details (including Statisticians Network ID)

    to Scouting Info page.

  •   Fixes has been done to make sure that Attendance information is sent to WebCast right after it is updated.

  •   Fixes has been done to make sure that Efficiency Formula is sent to Warehouse in Publish.