In previous FLS 6 versions (up to version 6.5) scouts were able to delete players from team rosters when creating match with match key. Most of the statisticians use it as work pattern to only leave in the rosters the players who will play in the respective match.

With the release of FLS version 6.6 this functionality is locked and scouts are not able to delete players from the rosters of the teams during the process of game creation. The idea of this new feature is to make sure that application would not allow to delete players who is downloaded from server as this would cause problems when updating the warehouse.

Instead of deleting players when setting up game, a scout must only delete the jersey numbers of the players who will not be part of the respective game. The jersey number field should be blank and it will automatically turn the players with no assigned jersey numbers into inactive for the game.

In FIBA LiveStats there are 2 options of deleting the jersey numbers for a player.

Option 1 

Double click on the player's details and delete the shirt number from the Shirt No.: field

Deleting shirt no. 1

Option 2

One Click on shirt number and replacing it with new one or just deleting the one assigned

When all the players who will be part of the respective game have shirts No. assigned and the ones that are not in the roster have their Shirt No. field empty, all scout has to do is go to Edit -> Rosters in the main scouting FLS screen and select the players with assigned shirt numbers by clicking on Select All for each team or selecting the players one by one.

Both team rosters will then appear on the main scouting screen of FLS and you can proceed with scouting the game. 

P.S. Please keep in mind that in any moment of the game you can go to Game setup window and delete, assign or edit player's shirt number (Edit -> Setup). Just do not forget to go to Edit - Rosters after that and make sure the update is selected.