How to Import Schedule Using CSV File

1. In Fiba Organizer Online go to Competition->Import.

2. Click Download example document under Schedule to download it.

3. Open downloaded CSV file:

  • if all data are split by cells (like in the screenshot below), you can skip next steps and continue from point #4.

  • if all data are located in one cell (like in the screenshot below), you need to make some changes. 

Select cells A1&A2 and go to Data > Text to Columns > pick Delimited click Next.


Add checkbox Other and add ; (semicolon). You will see data will be split by columns. Click Next and Finish

4. The format of date has to be yyyy-mm-dd. If it is different, change it by clicking right mouse on the cell(s) and select "Format Cells":

                a) choose the correct format under category Date, press OK;

               b) if you do not find an appropriate date and time format under category Date, you can use category Custom and write down the date and time format directly in the field Type, while Sample meets requirements;

When it is done, .csv file is adapted for the next steps. 

5. Add required information. Teams names and arenas names have to be exactly the same as used in FIBA Organizer.


Note. Do not change the sequence of columns, do not delete any of them.

5. Save .csv file.
Suggestion. You do not need to close a csv file, it is enough to save it. Especially, if you are going to import more schedules. In this way you will keep data formatting and do not repeat all previous steps. 

6. In Schedule space:

  • select League;
  • select  Tournament; 
  • select  Season; 
  • select  Group; 
  • select  Delimiter (which should be "comma". If import isn't successful, please set "semicolon");
  • click Browse button and in Open window locate .csv file you have just prepared, click Open button;
  • click Send button.


7. If team and arena names do not match the ones entered in FO, you will get a notification (for example: "Could not determine unique team id for "A Team"").  If everything matches, review imported data, select Visibility and click Save data button.

8. Go to Competition->Competitions, expand League ->Tournament -> Season and click the group the fixtures should be added to. Check if the fixtures were added.