1. In Fiba Organizer Online go to Competition->Import .

2. Click Download example document under Schedule to download it.

3. Open schedule_import_example.csv file and fill rows with fixtures using the example given on the 2nd row (note that datetime format can vary from the picture - just enter datetimes and copy format from the 2nd row). Remove example record.

4. Save and close schedule_import_example.csv file (give a new file name if necessary).

5. In Schedule space select League, Tournament, Season and Group.

6. In Schedule space click Browse button and in Open window locate .csv file you have just prepared. Click Open button.

7. In Schedule space click Send button. 

8. If team and arena names do not match the ones entered in FOO, you will get a notification (for example: "Could not determine unique team id for "BURGER KING CLAPHAM BULLS BULLS"").  If everything matches, review imported data, select Visibility  and click button Save data.

9. In Fiba Organizer Online go to Competition->Competitions, expand League->Tournament->Season and click the group the fixtures should be added to. Check if the fixtures were added.