As part of our commitment to providing all leagues / users with the best support network possible, SportingPulse International (SPI) has recently transitioned to a new support platform and website. You will notice many of the features on our new support platform are similar to our previous support platform provider, however there have also been some improvements made as we look to enhance the overall SPI support service/experience.

SPI has now increased the number of support agents available - The aim here is to provide greater levels of support to our ever-expanding community of SPI product users. We now have support representatives from a broad range of regions around the world and will endeavour to respond to tickets within 24 hours.

The main change leagues / users need to be aware of is our new support website URL and support email channel - Please ensure that all support requests are submitted directly via our support site ( where you can register and submit tickets or alternatively via email (contact the support team at where your query will be dealt with by a member of the support team.

As well as being the leaders in the basketball statistics world, SPI are committed to providing you with the best support possible. We value all of your contributions and ongoing cooperation, and expect that this transition will be beneficial to our SPI product user community on a number of levels.