Problem Solution
Game Setup - Match Keys  "FLS match key not working" "FLS won’t accept match key" "Unable to download via match key" Option 1) Ensure Anti-Virus software and Windows Firewall are disabled For reference: Option 2) Open FLS > Go to "Tools" and under "Configuration", choose "General" > In the "Run Application" section, SportingPulse Version must be selected for match key to register Option 3) Restart FLS Option 4) Restart PC
Game Setup - Game Creation "Unable to create game / complete game setup (proceed to match action screen) after entering all information"

Option 1) Ensure FLS is being run as an administration via LiveStats desktop icon properties

Option 2) Restart FLS

Option 3) Restart PC

Game Setup - Team Rosters "No team rosters in match action screen" "Cannot start game as team rosters are missing" When team rosters have more than 12 players, statistician must name the 12 that will participate (note jersey numbers need to be assigned and players can be added manually during this process):

Solution = Go to Edit > Setup ; Edit > Rosters to select the 12 players and assign to match

1) Go to Edit → Setup where you can add/edit/delete players on each team

2) Go to Edit → Rosters where you can select the players for each team

For reference:

Match key used twice 
 Restart FLS after entering several actions. Use "recent games" menu to re-open the game. 

Webcast - Automatic Connection  "Webcast did not automatically connect"  Solution = Connect Webcast manually via File > Webcast If unable to connect manually refer to support steps below

Webcast - TimeStamp Error

"Unable to Webcast - TimeStamp error"

Need to ensure PC time is synchronised with Windows / FLS server time:

Option 1) Check date/time settings and regional settings on the PC

Option 2) Reopen FLS and complete time sync when prompted

For reference:

Webcast - Connection Issues "Unable to Webcast even though Internet stable at venue" "Webcast will not connect, Internet available on PC" Option 1) Update FLS Port Number (2 port number options available) 

For reference:

Option 2) Switch off Windows FireWall and AntiVirus 

For reference:

Option 3) Ensure FLS is being run as an administration via LiveStats desktop icon properties

For all of the above FLS needs to be restarted for changes to effect

Webcast - AutoReconnect Issues "Webcast no longer reconnecting automatically" "Webcast status = Orange, establishing a connection" "Webcast status = Red, connection cannot be established"   Option 1) Check Internet is still connected on PC / at venue Option 2) If Internet not the issue, restart FLS and/or PC
MISC - FDB Location "Unable to locate game file (FDB) when attempting to open an existing game / forward to support for review" Solution = FDB file - C://Users/Public/Public Documents/FIBA/FIBA LiveStats/GameFiles For reference:
MISC - FDB File Name "FDB cannot be opened when renamed"   Solution = FDB files should never be renamed as they will not be recognised by FLS
MISC - Game Completion "No END GAME option available at the end of Period 4"

Solution = Restart FLS > Open existing game and select the most recent FDB listed

Upon opening the game again you should be able to end the game and Finalise

MISC - 3pt Shot Issues "All scoring actions recorded as 3pt shots" "2pt shots are being recorded as 3pt shots"  Option 1) Please ensure you are entering scores on correct side of court relative to the teams Option 2) If PC running Windows VISTA or XP this is likely the issue Note we no longer support these versions on Windows for use with LiveStats