The following article will outline the steps involved in setting up ladder widgets for SportingPulse users. 

The below process outlines the recommended settings for ladder widgets.

1. Once Widget Managers have selected the option to "add new widget" they will see the following screen:

2. Ensure that you have selected basketball as the sport, and select to create Ladder/Table widget type as seen above.

Note. Domain only need to be added if we are embedding the widget on a SportingPulse websites for you. Otherwise you only need to add the Domain for your personal website - Up to 3 private Domains can be added.​

3. Widget Managers must then select the data source (competition) from which the ladder will display:

4. Widget managers will then need to select which displays they wish to implement into their widgets. This can be done by double clicking on the field, or by clicking the plus sign. 

5. Once selected managers must then click on "save and continue". After this you will be provided with the widget codes to be embedded into your selected webpages. Please contact your SP representative for widgets to be embedded on SportingPulse websites. 

Once you have completed the process (save and continue) you will receive the widget codes. Your developers (for external websites) or an SP staff member (for SportingPulse websites) will then be able to embed the widget codes into the relevant webpage where the widget will display.