Genius Sports are committed to providing a 24/7 support service aimed at assisting statisticians immediately when issues arise during live matches. Leagues and their statisticians can expect a member of the GS support team to be online and available for direct contact through both the Statisticians Network (SN) Mobile App and also Skype ("live:contentfls") or email ("") during all live matches. 

As part of this initiative, the support team will monitor all games in the pre-match, live (in-game) and post-match phases. A member of the GS support team will contact statisticians through the "SN App" if any issues are noticed with the Webcast during these times. As such, statisticians need to be prepared to answer support questions and provide prompt responses to the GS team (via the "SN App") as soon as possible when notified. 

As well as this statisticians can contact the support team directly via the chat function outlined in the following article -  Support chat option for statisticians.

Statisticians must also ensure they login to the SN via LiveStats using their unique SN ID or correctly register their contact details to the SN via LiveStats (for 1st time users), in the event that information on the status of the game is required from them directly. This applies to both operators and callers.

We have increased our focus on improving the quality of support and in providing statisticians with confidence when using LiveStats. To ensure this new initiative is a success, we require the continued support and cooperation of leagues and their statisticians. Updating the support team in a timely manner, and providing detailed responses to any issues you experience with our programs, will help to ensure quality statistics for users and fans alike.

As always, we appreciate the support and commitment of our leagues/statisticians in providing fans all around the globe with world class statistical information - All the best from the Genius Sports team!