1) Issue with Captains (C) not displaying on the Webcast now resolved

2) Attendance field will now be visible and can be edited (value entered in Game Setup will be assigned, if not, value will be zero and can be updated). Once confirmed (click Confirm button), Attendance will be updated and displayed in Webcast

3) In process of setting up the FLS application to handle multiple language reporting

4) Player technical foul was set as "coach technical foul" - Now updated and corrected

5) Spelling mistake of "gloaltending" instead of goaltending now corrected

6) Added Efficiency (EFF) configuration option to box score report:

  • Open game in LiveStats
  • Select FIBA Box Score report
  • Tick "show efficiency" option
  • Check that +/- column now shows EFF calculation

7) XML Export x and y co-ordinates.

  • Open any game
  • Choose Export -> XML
  • Check output file for updated data

8) Substitution Waiting Bay not possible when clock stopped

9) Start List Report - Coaches Missing

10) Scoresheet Report - "Coach" label missing from Team B and Captain not indicated with (C). Now updated and fixed

11) Team / Coach Foul not appearing on FIBA box score report, now fixed

12) Qrt by Qrt Scoring Report - Sort Order (Highest scores first)

13) Manual Game Creation - Start Webcast causes Freeze of application, now fixed

14) Manually entered referees not sent to webcast, should now appear