1. Statistician Network should be hidden in FIBA Event version wizard, should now be hidden.

  1. Save as "PDF file..." option listed twice via Menu, now fixed.
  2. Inactive players appearing on reports, now fixed.
  3. Page numbers and timestamp on play by play reports now displaying.
  4. Access Violation error when double clicking courts jump-ball area (error message should no longer appear)
  5. FLS doesn't auto reconnect to livestream service, to test, check following steps.
  • Add parameter /autowebcast and launch FLS 2. Open or create a new game
  • Scout game
  • Kill/block/stop connection in Server side
  • Enter more action and wait until webcast is disconnected
  • Enter more actions. Webcast should try to reconnect
  • Enable/unblock/start connection in Server side and wait for webcast to reconnect. Once reconnected, Webcast should send actions from disconnected state to Server
  • Check/refresh webcast URL

  1. Space Bar issues now resolved.
  2. Import and display logos for Association, teams and players (Association logo become default report header if present.)