To resolve this error you need to delete the list of language files from the 'Central' folder on your computer.


  1. Go to this location on your computer:

    C:\Program Files\Sportzware\Central\
    This can usually be accessed by going into My Computer > Local Disk C or C: Drive > Program Files > Sportzware Central
    If you are using FIBA Organizer the folder can be accessed by going to My Computer > Local Disk C or C: Drive > Program Files > FIBA > FIBA Organizer > Central

    Once you are in the Central Folder you need to delete the below three files*:
  2. Start Sportzware Central or FIBA Organizer again to test that it now starts ok.
  3. Finally, install any updates available - Upgrade Sportzware Central.

 *note: If any of these files cannot be deleted because they are in use, close Sportzware Central, restart your computer and try again. 
If this dose not work contact your IT expert or network technician.