This error can sometimes occur after the installation or update of Sportzware Central. There is usually a prompt during the installation or upgrade that will advise the user that the "imagelist.iml" file failed to load properly.

What this will result in is the appearance that the Add, Edit and Delete buttons will not be visible. Some other buttons may not be visible either but these are the most common. While the images are gone, the actual function of the available space is still valid and by clicking in the space where the buttons usually are will enact the appropriate responses.

To fix this error:

  1. Complete a backup of your database and transfer a copy of the backup file to either a CD or USB memory drive.
  2. Reinstall Sportzware Central taking careful note of any error messages and ensuring that the "imagelist.iml" file loads correctly. This file can be assumed to load correctly if no errors are received during installation.