Cannot Connect to Windows 2003 Server

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that Sportzware Central works on Windows 2003 Server, we have encountered some issues with Sportzware Central operating on the server on Windows 2003. The majority of users have not and will not experience any problems with Sportzware Central on Windows 2003. If you do encounter an error when installing Sportzware Central on Windows Server 2003 we recommend that you consult your IT or Network Technician together with the network installation guide. 


Operating System: Windows 2003 Server & Windows XP Sportzware Central Requires the following ports to be open to work on a network:
TCP 445
TCP 139
Port 3050 

These should be only edited after consultation with your IT or Network Technician. For more information on how to edit your Windows firewall settings refer to the support articles. 

An error has occurred in connecting to database

If a database is not in the file path that Sportzware Central is looking for it in then the following error will display

The most common solution to this is:

  1. Right click on the Database name in the Launch Menu

  2. Click on Edit Details

  3. Match the Data Location field up exactly with what the file location of the Database is on the server.

Note: This also needs to be the file path of how the server sees it as. If it is on the Server's C: then the drive in this field should be C:

Once you have edited the Data Location to match the File Path of the Database then click on OK and Launch the Database.


"Resource DefaultUserSkinData not found"

This error is caused by an error related to the language files.


To solve this error:

  1. Delete the list of language files from the Central folder (Sportzware Central)(C:\Program Files\Sportzware\Central)

OR in (FIBA Organizer)(C:\Program Files\FIBA\FIBA Organizer\Central)

Startagain to test that it now starts OK