Import a Competition from an Excel Spreadsheet

Associations are able to import competitions into Sportzware Central using data in an Excel spreadsheet, rather than create the competition fixture by the normal means through the SWC competition fixture wizard. 

Please note: Only normal competitions can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet. Round Robin and Knockout competitions cannot be imported.

The first step is to create the fixture import file in Excel:

Make a Fixture Import File

  1. From the Navigation Centre, click on the Daily Admin tab
  2. Right click on any competition.
  3. Click on Create Fixture Export > Excel.
  4. The competition fixture will open in an Excel Spreadsheet. Save the file in a suitable location in your computer's directory.
  5. If you wish to create a brand new competition in Excel to import into SWC, open the Excel file you have just saved, select all of the fixture data and delete it. Now enter the desired fixture data into the spreadsheet and save it.
  6. Do not change the column headers or their order. This will prevent the fixture from being imported correctly.

    Note: Ensure that game times are included in the import file. The competition can not be imported into SWC unless times are present.

Import the Competition

  1. From the Navigation Centre, click on Import from the top menu and select Fixture from Excel.
  2. Click on Select Import File. Browse for the Excel spreadsheet import file you created (by following the steps above under 'Make a Fixture Import File) and click on Open.
  3. A preview will be shown. Make sure that the data in the columns matches the headings.
  4. Click on Import.
  5. A message may appear that says: 'There is no competition called (comp name) in the database. Would you like to create a new competition of this name?' Click on Yes.
  6. A message will appear that says: 'Fixture import data has been verified. Do you wish to proceed with the import of (xx number of) games?' Click on Yes.
  7. The fixture will appear in the Edit Fixture screen. You can select any match and edit its details if needed.
  8. Go back to the Navigation Centre > Competition > Competition Details.
  9. Select and edit the new competition > Ladder/Points.
  10. Select a statistics profile by clicking on Activate this stats Profile.
  11. Double-check all the competition details before using the new competition.