Your Sportzware Membership code is also used as your Online Results code.

If you are using the Sportzware Online Results module, entering your Membership Code into the Online Results Synchronisation profile allows you to synchronise your competition information with the Online Results module. This performs 2 main functions:

  1. Uploads fixtures from Sportzware Central into Online Results
  2. Downloads scores and other information from Online Results into Sportzware Central

To enter your membership code into your Online Results profile:

  1. Launch your SWC database
  2. Click on the Configuration tab
  3. Click on Uploader Configuration
  4. Select Online Results Synchronisation and click on Edit

  5. Enter your Sportzware Membership username and password in the fields provided
  6. The 'Online Results URL' should already be populated
  7. Make sure the ‘Active Profile’ box is ticked
  8. Click on OK.

Online Results Synchronisation Configuration Fields

Field Name Description Example
Profile Description Name of the Profile Online Results Synchronisation Online Results Synchronisation
Active Profile You need to activate this option in order to be able to use this feature when you click on Upload to the web  
Username This is the same as your membership synchronisation username  
Password This is the same as your membership synchronisation password  
Online results URL This does not need to be altered unless you asked to do so by SportingPulse staff
Import Options Choose if you want to import scores, players and prompts Tick or untick
Statistics options Choose whether or not to rebuild after import Tick or untick
Stats to Rebuild Choose between season only or season and career  
Exclude options Choose whether or not to exclude locked matches  
Ladder rebuild options Choose when to rebuild after any games or round complete