What is this the problem?

This error message occurs when the program is looking at an old version of the gds32.dll file on your computer


The Solution

  1. Make sure Sportzware Central (or FIBA Organizer for basketball) is closed.
  2. Go to c:\program files\firebird\firebird_2_1\bin. You should find a file called gds32.dll
  3. Copy this file and paste it into C:\Program Files\Sportzware\Central*
  4. In the C:\Program Files\Sportzware\Central folder you will find a file called Firebird_2_1_Setup.exe
  5. Run this and click next all the way through the wizard to reinstall this program.
  6. Restart the computer then open up Sportzware Central. You should now have no trouble running reports.

*If you are using FIBA Organizer substitute C:\Program Files\Sportzware\ with C:\Program Files\Fiba\Fiba Organizer\