This function will zip (compress) your data and open your email client (eg. Outlook Express) for the purpose of sending your data to a specified recipient. By default, this function will send the data to However, you can send a dataset to anyone, effectively becoming another means of backing up your data off site.

  1. From the Data Manager screen, select your database (single click).
  2. Click on Support in the menu and select Zip and Email.

  3. Your database will be zipped. This may take a minute or two.

  4. The To field will already be populated with If you wish to send the database to another address, overwrite the support address with your desired email address. Your email address will automatically be displayed.
  5. Write a description of the problem or any other message you wish to send to the email recipient in the main text field.
  6. Click on Send (this can take anywhere from 2 minute to 30 minutes depending on the size of the database).


When the database has been successfully sent the following message will appear: "A backup copy of your Sportzware Central database has been created and emailed to SportingPulse."