What is a Backup?

Backing up saves the information stored within your Sportzware Central database to a secure location either on your computer or within your computer's network.

Why back up my Sportzware Central Database?

It is important to backup your database so that if you wrongly delete or edit the information it contains, you can reload a copy of the database that contains the information previous to the changes that you had made.

When should I back up my Sportzware Central Database?

It is a good idea to backup your database before you make any major change to information stored within your database, or before adding new information. It may also be worthwhile to backup your database if you haven’t backed it up in a long period of time, regardless of what changes have been made.

How do I back up my Sportzware Central Database?

  1. From the Data Manager screen click on a database to highlight it
  2. Click on File
  3. From the list, select Backup/Restore/Compact
  4. The Backup/Restore screen will appear. Select Backup

  5. From the Database Backup screen click on Backup

  6. The database backup process will commence. Once the backup process is complete, an information prompt will appear informing you of the location that the backup copy of the database has been saved to.

Where should I backup my Sportzware Central Database to?

When performing a backup, by default Sportzware Central will save the backup file to a folder at a location similar to the following (for stand alone setup): C:/Program Files/Sportzware/Data/'Name of your Database'. The backup file is designated by this file extension: .fbk.

You can see where the backup location is from the Data Manager screen:

It is highly recommended that you regularly transfer these backup files to a CD or external Flash Drive so that if your PC’s memory is ever damaged, you will still have a copy of your databases.

How do I find the location of the database file on my computer?

As mentioned above, the Data Manager screen shows you where abouts on your computer's hard drive the database is located. To get to this location, you can simply navigate to the file using Windows Explorer, or alternatively use the shortcut provided by Sportzware Central:

  1. From the Data Manager screen single click on a database to highlight it. The Data Location at the bottom of the Data Manager shows the location the database is saved to on your hard drive.
  2. To get to this location, right click the database to open a drop down menu
  3. From the drop down box select Explore Location
  4. This will open Windows Explorer directly to the data folder containing that particular database file its backup files

Some good reasons to backup your data

  1. Should you have your computer of laptop stolen
  2. A computer virus hits your computer and you lose your data
  3. Your computer hard board crashes and you lose all your files and folders
  4. You import or add incorrect data into your database. So long as you backed up your data prior to doing this, you can easily restore it.
  5. You reformat your computer and forget to save your Sportzware Data. It will all be lost unless you have previously backed up to an external location.
  6. A sporting injury compensation claim requires proof that a player in fact played in the game. You can retrieve this information from your old database by restoring it.