1. From the Data Manager, single click on a database to select it


2. Click on File and select Backup/Restore/Compact




Performs a backup of the selected database to a specified destination. It is recommended that you also save a copy of your backup files to a network or external hard drive, zip drive, or other backup location. The current selected location displays where the database you are about to back-up is coming from.


Restores a back-up of your data over the dataset that is currently selected. As a default, Sportzware will name your backup file with the date of the backup. A filename such as, SWC-29-8-2009 (MyDatabase).zip for instance, would indicate a backup done on the 29th of August, 2009. If a backup, via restore, was attempted on the same day a (1) would be appended to the filename on the first occasion, a (2) on the second and so on. If you choose Restore, another dialogue box will open that will allow you to specify the backup file to Restore. If you simply press Restore it chooses the latest backup file, or alternatively you can select the backup file you want restored and then click Restore.


The Compact option backups then restores the database, by doing so it cleans up and rebuilds the database thus reducing its size showing the before and after size. It is recommended that you compact every 1 to 2 months.