Add Location - Load Existing Database (or Back up File) 

This function allows you to load an existing Sportzware Central database to the Data Manager.

  1. Firstly, make sure the database file you want to add to Sportzware Central (usually a zipped .fbk file) is saved in this location: C:/Program Files/Sportzware/Data/[Name of Your Database] (you will need to add a new folder within the ‘Data’ folder and give it a name, if you have multiple databases you need to have a separate folder for each location).
  2. Start Sportzware Central. The first screen you see is the Data Manager. This shows your list of databases and is where you can add a new database.
  3. From the Data Manager screen, click on File > Add location and select Load Existing Database (or Back up File).
  4. Browse for and select the database or backup file you wish to load

  5. Click on Open
  6. The database restore will occur

  7. The Edit Location screen will appear, allowing you to change the database name if required. Click on OK


  8. The database will appear in the Data Manager.