Edit An Existing Report

  1. From the configuration module click on Reports Maintenance.
  2. Click on Edit to bring up the 'Editing a Report' window for viewing the selected report. A window will be displayed with the properties of this report.


Editing General Report Options

At this screen you can change the title of the report. While there are other fields available to alter we suggest you do not make any other changes because they may affect the quality and accuracy of the report.

  1. To change the Report Title click in the Report Title field and type the name that you would like to appear on the report.
  2. Click OK to save the change. 


Editing Report Parameters

At the Parameters screen you can edit the parameter types the report uses to display information. By adding or removing a parameter you are restricting or allowing the report to show information relevant to that parameter type.

  1. To add or remove a Parameter, check or uncheck the Use box next to the 'Field Name'.


  2. Once you have made all the parameter changes click on OK.

Note: It is important to remember custom reports have been built around the mock up provided to SportingPulse. Therefore it is advised that you run the report as it has been sent to you first, check to see whether it is correct for what you need, and make changes as necessary afterwards.

Editing Report Sports

Editing report sports allows you to add or remove the sports that can utilise the report. The sport that your association is involved with will probably be the only one in the 'Active Sports' box when you receive the report because it has been built for this particular sport.

  1. To add another sport highlight the sport you would like to add in the right-hand box and click Add.


  2. To remove a sport from the 'Active Sport' list, highlight the sport in the left-hand box and click the Remove button.

Descriptions of fields are provided in the table below.

Delete A Report

  1. From the configuration module click on Reports Maintenance.
  2. Select the report you wish to delete by clicking on it once.
  3. Click on Delete to delete the selected report.
  4. You will be asked if you are sure that you want to delete the report. Click Yes to confirm or No to cancel the delete process.