Field Name Description Example
ID System generated identification number that cannot be edited 27
Name The name of the Venue Blackburn Oval
Abbreviation Short name, or acronym, to reference the Venue by BO
Contact The contact person associated with the Venue. Joe Bloggs
Address Address of the Venue 42 Christopher Road
Suburb/Town Suburb/Town of the Venue Blackburn
State State of the Venue Victoria
Postcode Postcode of the Venue 3130
Phone Phone of the Venue 03 4783 5432
Facsimile Fax of the Venue 03 4783 5432
Venue Type Type of the Venue Football oval
Map Number A map number, giving the location of the ground 53
Map Reference A map reference for the given map number E4
Country The Country that the Venue is in AUSTRALIA
Venue Type The type of Venue Tribunal Venue
Capacity How many people can fit in to the Venue 1000
Days Available Days that this Venue can be used Saturday, Sunday
Show in Fixture Grid Shows the Venue in the Fixture Grid regardless of whether it has any matches on the day selected  
Night Games Venue is available for night games  
Suit Charging Venue is setup to be able to charge the Public an entry fee (ie Ground is fenced off)  
Car Park Spaces number of car parking spaces available near the Venue 80