Report Fields

Field Name Description Example
Filename on Disk The location of the report file. Click the folder icon to edit the location. 16Knockout_O.rpt
Report Title The title to display on the report when it is run 16 Knockout Tree
Report Name The name of the report, used internally to identify the report 16 Knockout Tree
Security Level A security level number to determine which users can access this report. 50
Report Category Determines under which lists this report will appear. Competition
Member Report N/A N/A
Custom Report Whether this report is specific to the league. N/A
Show this report This report is displayed in the Reports section. N/A
My Report This report has been bookmarked by the user and appears on the My Report tab. N/A
Notes Notes entered by the user relating to the report. N/A
Built-in Filters Shows the SQL code that this report uses to filter what is displayed. N/A
Report Views Lists filters that can be applied to the report to view it in different ways. N/A
Field Name Description Example
Fields depend on the report you are running Lists fields that the user can filter the report by. Tick the box in the “Use” column next to the field you wish to allow the user to filter the report by this field. N/A
Parameters Required Parameters must be selected before the report is generated. N/A
Field Name Description Example
Sports that the report can be used for Add sports that this report will apply to into the left list N/A
Field Name Description Example
Mail Merge Report Report is used for mail merge documents N/A
Application Details
Field Name Description Example
Application Name Application that the report exports to for merging Microsoft Word
Master Document Name Filename of the exported document AddressListing.doc
Export Report Report is to be exported by default N/A
Export Options
Field Name Description Example
Format Application that the report exports to Word for Windows document
Destination Destination of the Export report Application (open in application on screen)
File Name Filename of export report TeamList.rpt
Character Separator These settings apply to the format of text exports. In most cases the values here will be left as they already are.  
Character Delimiter
Lines per page (Paginated Text)
Use Report Date Format
Use Report Number Format
Column Headings (Excel5 Tabular)
Field Name Description Example
Source Not currently applicable,reserved for future use. N/A
Table Name
Field Name Description Example
Recipient(s) separate with semi-colons Separates recipients in the email with a semi-colon N/A
Message Subject Default subject for emails Email from Box Hill Football League
Field Name Description Example
Profile If you use an Exchange server, the name of the profile. N/A
Password Password for the Exchange server Folder Default folder to use Outbox