Finals are the latter phase of a season where the number of competitors in a competition is usually reduced to playoff for the final positions/awards.

Generate Finals Matches for a Competition

Note: Finals may be fixtured when all games are complete or pre-fixtured at any stage after the original fixture is done. Pre-fixturingenables you to set the venues and times for finals matches in advance.

  1. From the Competitions module click Generate Finals Fixtures.
  2. Select a competition to generate a Finals Fixture for, then click Select.
  3. The finals wizard will then take you through the available options for that competition.

Generate Finals Matches for a Round Robin Competition

Note: Before you generate a finals fixture for a Round Robin competition, you should ensure that you have the correct finals template selected on the Ladder/Points tab in the Competition Details form, in the Competitions module, for the competition you are generating a Finals Fixture for.

  1. From the Competitions module select Competition Details.
  2. Select the round robin competition that you wish to generate a finals fixture for, then click on the Edit button.
  3. From the Tournament tab ensure that the correct finals fixture is selected
  4. From the Teams tab, click the View button and select Final Group.
  5. Move the teams from the right-hand side across to the left in the order of finals position by doubleclicking them (they should already be listed in this order, 1st from pool A, then first from pool B etc).
  6. Click Generate from the fixture options.
  7. Finalise the fixture details.

Note: To add match descriptions (eg semi final, grand final etc), edit the Finals Fixture as required from Competitions -> Edit Finals Matches. You can also add round descriptions by right-clicking on a match in that round and selecting 'Enter Round Description' from the 'Select match for editing' screen.