A ladder (also commonly known as a table or standings) is a list of teams/ competitors within a competition, sorted from highest to lowest ranking by user-defined fields (eg. points). 

View Ladders

  1. From the Daily Admin module click on Ladders.


  2. From the list of competitions, click on the name of the competition for which you want to view the ladder.
  3. Click Select to view the ladder for that competition.

    : All matches for a round must be completed before the ladder reflects the results for that round.


  4. The ladder for that competition will appear. You are able to quickly view match results for each team in the ladder by either double clicking on the team name or clicking on the 'expand'    icon to the left of the team's position number.

Adjust Ladders

Ladders can be adjusted manually if required. For example, in the case of a specific rule or penalty, the association may wish to change the points or score allocated to a team.

  1. From the Daily Admin module click on Ladders (as per step 1 above).
  2. Click on the name of the competition for which you want to adjust the ladder (as per step 2 above).
  3. Click on Select.
  4. The ladder for that competition will appear. Right click on the team for which you need to adjust the ladder record and click on Adjust.


  5. Add a number into the field/s you want to adjust and click OK.

    : The number you enter will adjust (add or subtract) that field accordingly. E.g. if you want to add 2 points to the 'Points' field, enter the number 2. Use negative numbers to subtract from the team’s ladder record. 


  6. To update the changes, click OK.
  7. At the 'View Ladders' screen click Rebuild to refresh the ladder with the changes (see below for instructions on rebuilding ladders). 


Rebuild Ladders

Rebuilding Ladders is a simple process that should be done at least once a week to ensure that all of your ladders/standings are accurate.

  1. From the 'Daily Admin' module click on Ladders.


  2. The list of competitions will appear. To rebuild the ladders for all competitions, click on Build All.

  3. To rebuild ladders for selected competitions, click on the name of the competition/s so that they are highlighted, and click on Rebuild.


Filter Ladders By Day

Ladders can be 'filtered' to show data from one particular day's results of a competition.

To filter ladders by day:

  1. Click on the Filter by Day button at the top of the 'Ladder Administration' screen and select the day from the drop-down list.

    Note: If there have not been any matches on the day you have selected, the 'Ladder Administration' screen will become greyed out and no ladders will be displayed.