Enter Match Score and Statistics

This is where you can enter all the match scores and a detailed array of statistics for a competition.

  1. From the Daily Admin module click Full Match Entry.

  2. The 'Entering Match Results' screen will open. Select a competition and click Select.

    Note: If there are no competitions appearing on the screen use the Seasons filter at the top of the screen.

  3. The list of matches will appear for that competition. Click on the match you want to enter results and statistics for and click Ok 

  4. The 'Full Match Entry' screen for that match will open. Please note that the score entry screen varies from sport to sport. The 9 tabs down the left hand side provide input for various match information. The below table provides details of what can be entered in each of these tabs.

  5. Enter match information and click OK to save.

Full Match Entry Fields

Note: These fields can alter depending on the competition type and the sport being played the competition. The tabs will always remain the same and compulsory fields, which are seen in bold, will also be the same regardless of sport or competition type.

Match Fields

Tab Name Field Name Description Example
Match 1stHalf/Final This is where the half-time and the final scores are entered. Sports with periods 1/3
Match Match Results This is automatically selected by Sportzware depending on the results entered in 1st Half/Final for each team. One team will be selected as the winners or it will be a draw Team 1 Seniors wins
Match Date Where the match date is entered or can be changed. 10/01/2009
Match Time The designated game time. 02:00
Match End Time The designated end time for the match. Automatically generated by the length of the sport selected. 03:00
Match Played At The ground at which the match was played. Team 1 Home Ground



Team Fields

Statistics on the teams can be added into this section. Simply enter the amount for each team and then click Ok. The table below explains what each statistic stands for. These statistics fields will change depending on the sport selected.

Tab Name Field Name Description Example
Teams HTS/FTS/OTS/PGS These boxes will vary depending on the sport you have selected. You can enter statistics that are relevant to each sport here. 2/8/9/5/4
Teams Goals This is where the names of the goal scorers can be entered. Smith; Roberts; Harvey
Teams Substitutions This is where the names of substitutions can be entered. Lake; Roberts; Fitzpatrick
Teams Expulsions This is where the names of the players that have been removed from the game are entered. Kearney; Bourke
Team 1 Tab   This is where players for Team 1 (the first team listed) can be registered for the match and their individual stats added.  
Team 2 Tab   This is where players for Team 2 (the second team listed) can be registered for the match and their individual stats added.  



Team Specific Tabs

The next two tabs are the individual team tabs which allow you to register players to the teams playing in this particular match.

  1. To register a player to a team click on the Register/Add button.

  2. At the screen that opens select the player you would like to register and click Register button. You can select more than one player by holding the Control button when selecting players. Once you have highlighted all the players to wish to add click Register.

  3. If the player you want to register does not appear in the list you can add them to the database by clicking the Add button.

  4. The next screen that opens will allow you to choose which club you need to add the player too. Highlight the correct club then clickOk.

  5. The Member Details screen will open. Input the details then click Ok to save.

  6. You will then be able to select the member from the list and click Register to put them into a team. Once all the players are registered click on Close to return to the team screen.
  7. All the players will now appear in the team screen.

It is not necessary to register players for games but doing so will allow you to add more individual statistics at a later stage.



Team Match Reports

Team match reports are where comments or match summaries can be written about what happened in the match.

Tab Name Field Name Description Example
Team Match Reports   This is where you can write up a match report for each team. "Team 1 played a hard game giving their all only to go down in the last minutes of the match. A great first half was let down by a sloppy second."



Match Details

The match details section is where a summary of the match can be written. You can also enter the attendance size, the weather details for the day and the gate takings for the day.

This table gives an example of what can be entered into each section.


Tab Name Field Name Description Example
Match Details Match Comments This is where an overview of the game can be inputted. "Team 1 went down in a very tight affair with Team 2 sealing a 1-0 victory in the final 3 minutes."
Match Details Attendance Where the match attendance can be entered. 12,564
Match Details Gate Taking The amount of money taken at the gates $2,790
Match Details Weather Conditions The match-day weather conditions can be entered here. Overcast and Windy




Votes can be allocated to players who participated in their match here.

  1. To allocate votes double-click on the player you wish to give the votes to. 

  2. In the screen that opens input the number of votes to allocate and click Ok.

Repeat the process for all the other players you wish to receive votes. Once you have allocated all the votes click Ok to exit the screen.



Match Officials

The match official tab allows you to enter edit the match official allocation page through the Sportzware Central match allocation screen.

  1. To get access to this screen click on the Edit button.



Team Officials

The team officials screen allows you to add or register team officials to teams. You can also allocate the type of official the person is within the team.

  1. To add a team official to the team select the Register/Add button.

  2. The Team Administration screen will open at the Officials tab.
  3. To add a new official click on the Add button. If you wish to edit a pre-existing team official click the Edit button. To remove a current team official click Remove.

  4. To register an official that is currently in the system highlight his.her name and click Ok.

  5. To add a selected official to a match highlight his/her name and click the Add Selected Officials button.

  6. This will assign the official to the match. You can add multiple officials to the match by holding control then highlighting several names before clicking Add Selected Officials.

Add Tribunal Offence

Offences can be added through the Full Match Entry area. This will automatically populate all of the Match Details fields. 

  1. Open a match
  2. Click on the tab of the team with the offending player
  3. Ensure the player is entered into the game (use the Register/Add button to move them from left to right)
  4. Right click on the player and select ‘Send Off’ or ‘Reported Offence’

  5. A new Tribunal Administration screen for that player opens, with the match details already populated.

  6. Fill out the remaining details