Each association has a unique membership code. 

Enter your Sync codes

1. From the Navigation Centre click Upload to Web

2. Select Membership Synchronisation

3. Click Setup

4. Ensure that the Active Profile box is ticked

5. Enter your username and password as supplied by SportingPulse

Membership Synchronisation Configuration Fields

Field Name Description Example
Profile Description Name of the Profile Membership Synchronisation Membership Synchronisation
Active Profile You need to activate this option in order to be able to use this feature when you click on Upload to the web  
Username membership synchronisation username AUFBboxhill (this is greyed out and can not be edited once a successful synchronisation has been completed)
Password membership synchronisation password rfjisdf98
Test Settings Makes sure the link to the website is correct  
Last Sync Time Displays the last date that a Synchronisation was performed  
Attachment filename The filename of the information that is synchronised between SWC and the website membersync.txt

Perform a Membership Synchronisation

1. From the Navigation Centre click Upload to Web

2. Select Membership Synchronisation

3. Click Synchronise


The following instructions should be read carefully before performing your first membership synchronisation from Sportzware Central (SWC).

You can add and edit membership data for the same database through both the Online SP Membership database and the offline database, Sportzware Central. When you perform a membership synchronisation in SWC, it will check for updates in both databases and bring both databases up to date.

Before your first synchronisation with SP Online Membership, please carefully note the following:

  1. The SWC database used for the first synchronisation to SP Online Membership is the only database that can be used for subsequent synchronisations. This prevents online membership data being overwritten by an erroneous upload from the wrong SWC database. As such, after the first synchronisation the the two databases (online and offline) will become linked, and the membership upload code in Sportzware Central cannot be changed.
  2. On the first occasion that an Association performs a membership sync in SWC, it can sometimes take up to 4-6 hours for this process to be completed. The time taken will depend on the number of members are in your database, and how much historical player information is in your database, and the speed of your Internet connection. SWC will appear to be non-responsive while it is completing the synchronisation process. Please note that after this initial synchronisation all subsequent syncs will only take 2-3 minutes.
  3. Remember to back up your database before your first synchronisation.


Date and Time Settings 

In order to ensure that you do not encounter time related synchronization problems with Sportzware Central and SportingPulse Membership, it is important to ensure that your computer has the correct date and time settings.

SWC uses the date and time settings from your computer to generate accurate time stamps for the various actions and tasks it performs. In particular it uses these settings for recording synchronization times.

If your date and time setting are incorrect then you may experience the following problems:

  • SWC backup files will have an inaccurate date which may lead to an incorrect history of your association’s data.
  • Errors may occur during synchronisation indicating that your computer time does not match the time on the server.

In order to check your time and date settings you can perform the following:

  1. From the desktop select the Start menu
  2. From the start menu enter the Control Panel
  3. Double click on the Date and Time icon
  4. Select the correct Month, Year and Day from the date box
  5. Set the correct time
    Note: Make sure that the time is set in accordance with AM or PM as this will also affect the computers time stamps.
  6. Select the correct Time Zone from the drop down list
  7. If you have a broadband connection (Cable or ADSL) we strongly recommend that you synchronise your time with an Internet Time server under Date and Time Properties. 
    e.g. Time.windows.com will correct your time settings if they are inconsistent with the server’s.