Enter your Competition Upload code

Each association has a unique competition upload code. This code directs your competition information (fixtures, results, ladders, statistics, clubs and teams, etc) to your Sportzware Website.

To enter your competition upload code into Sportzware Central:

  1. Launch your SWC database from the Navigation Centre
  2. Click on the Configuration tab
  3. Click on Uploader Configuration
  4. Select Competition Uploader and click on Edit (or just double click)
  1. Enter your competition upload username and password in the fields provided
  2. Select Sportzware SMTP Mail as your Mail Client.
    1. . This will send the upload file to your website via your Gmail mail program.
  3. Enter your Mail Server (SMTP) Address (check your email settings for this if you are unsure - it is generally something like mail.bigpond.com)
  4. Enter your Sender Email Address to which upload verifications will be sent to
  5. Ensure the ‘Active Profile’ box in the top right hand corner is ticked
  6. Click on OK

The table below describes the competition upload options available:

Competition Upload Configuration Fields

User Information Tab
Field Name Description Example
Profile Description Name of the Profile Competition Uploader Competition Uploader
Active Profile You need to activate this option in order to be able to use this feature when you click on Upload to the web
Username The username that Corresponds with your Sportzware Websites AUFBboxhill
Password The password that Corresponds with your Sportzware Websites rfjisdf98
Mail Client Whether the user uploads through Sportzware Central, or through Microsoft Outlook
Mail Server (SMTP) Sender Out-going mail server that the upload is sent via
Email Email address of the organisation

Competition Tab- Only access this section if instructed to by SportingPulse Staff
Field Name Description Example
Sport Specific A list of reports and configuration settings that are specific to the selected Sport.
All Sports A list of reports and configuration settings that are used by all sports.
Competition This section lists all the competitions in the database. By right clicking on a competition you can choose to not upload rounds to the web or not upload the whole competition to the web