The Preferences section is where general configuration options are kept. Because Sportzware Central can be used for over 20 sports, there are many different preferences for you to choose from.

From the configuration tab click on Preferences.

There are 8 tabs on the left - each representing a different group of Preferences. Each tab is explained below:

General Preferences


Field Name Description Example
Default Sport The sport each competition will be configured as when added Australian Rules Football
Default Country The default country that will be selected automatically when a new member is added Australia
Default State/Region/Country The default state that will be selected automatically when a new member is added Victoria
Generic/General Club Active Use General Club N/A
Show Hints Turn popup hints off/on N/A


Field Name Description
Competition Rolling Results Input Brings up next match for results entry once a match result has been saved in full match entry
Use Home Venues in Fixture Sets the venue for a match as the home ground of the team on the lefthand side of the fixture for a match
Use match official payments Allow the entry and processing of match official payments in Sportzware Central
Always calculate career statistics When statistics are rebuilt for the season, career statistics will always be rebuilt.
Finals Qualification: Competition Games All games played for a team in the competition in question only.
Finals Qualification: All Team Games Will include all games played by this team towards finals qualifications for each player,including those played in different competitions. Use for situations where teams are regraded and you wish to count games played before regrading.
Finals Qualification: All Player Games Will include all games across all competitions played by the particular player towards finals qualification.
Use Byes for FQ - Finals Qualification Include Byes as matches towards finals qualification.
Washout Configuration – washout winner Allows default match results when matches are affected by weather
Home Team Wins Home team deemed winner in event of washout
Away Team Wins Away team deemed winner in event of washout
Drawn Match decided as Draw – no winner
Home Team Score – Away Team score Allows default scores to be entered for each team when the match is classed as 'washout'


Match Official
Field Name Description
Use Teams as Match Officials Teams will be made available for the user to select to officiate matches.
Use Clubs as Match Officials Clubs are available for the users to select to officiate matches


Field Name Description Example
Edit Send Offs Allow send off records to be edited in Tribunal Administration. N/A
Upload offences for Number of days after an offence that the offence will remain on website 30
Hearing is … days after offence Number of days after an offence that the tribunal is held for that offence, used to auto-fill tribunal hearing date when an offence is entered. 4


Field Name Description Example
Member name display Display surname before first name, or vice versa, when displaying member information N/A
Default Member Title The title of a member when added, can be changed Mr, Mrs, Ms,
Junior Age The age at which a member is regarded as a junior and can still play in junior competitions 18
Junior Date Date at which a junior must be born after to be considered a junior member 1/01/2004
Default Member Layout Select the default layout for how the membership screen will appear each time you load it. N/A
New Member Settings Member Type of a member is set to “Player”, “Coach”, “Match Official”, “Official” or “Miscellaneous” by default, when a new member is added. N/A
Use Alternate ID Activates the Alternate ID field in a member’s administration window N/A  
Alternate ID Label An alternate identification field for members Box Hill Football League ID
User Registered Grade Registered grade is activated and may be entered from the member screen. This field is informational only. N/A
Check for duplicates when adding Members System will check the surname, first name and date of birth and notify the user when a new member is added with these three fields matching an existing member N/A
Re-use deleted Member IDs When a member is added, the system will check to see if any old IDs are available from members that have been deleted N/A
Configure Custom Fields Allows the user to rename the titles of the custom fields to suit the user’s purpose. N/A


Organisation Details

Organisation Details
Field Name Description Example
Association name Name of the Association Box Hill Football League
Corporation Number A special number assigned to corporations or incorporated bodies. N/A
Business Number Registered business number 30 466 134 872




Field Name Description
Organisation Email Address  
CC Email Address on all Organisation Email An option to CC all email sent from the Email Centre.



Field Name Description Example
Report Header Text Catch phrase displayed at the top of reports Visit for all your results
Member ID card report name Filename of the report used for Member ID cards MemCard_GEN_O.rpt
Tribunal report name Filename of default Tribunal report Tribunal1_O.rpt




Field Name Description
Logo 1 Logo that is displayed on left side at the top of reports
Logo 2 Logo that is displayed on right side at the top of some reports




Field Name Description Example
Internal Clearance Instructions Instructions added to faxes and emails to leagues/clubs when clearances need to be approved.  
Inward Clearance Instructions
Outward Clearance Instructions
Clearance Report Filename of default Clearance report Clearance Fax_O.rpt
Auto-approve Clearances Automatically approve all Clearances N/A
Upload Clearances for X days Number of days a Clearance is uploaded to the website 30
Upload all Clearances Uploads all Clearances N/A
Internal Clearance time limit X days Number of days it takes to approve an internal Clearance 7
Working days Treat “Internal Clearance time limit X days” as working days eg Monday to Friday


Postal Code Lookup


Postal Code Lookup
Field Name Description Example
Automatic Lookup Postcodes are automatically looked up on entry of the suburb field N/A
Manual Lookup with buttons A lookup button beside the postcode will bring up the database of postcodes. N/A
Use State/Region as part of lookup Will narrow the list down based on the state entered when looking up postcodes N/A
Use Country as part of lookup Same as above using country N/A
Use Default State/Region if no data Will use default state from preferences as part of lookup if the user has entered no state N/A
Use Default Country if no data As above with default country




Field Name Description Example
Current Season The season to which the filters will default to when viewing your list of members, competitions, etc. 2008
New Season for Registrations All new members added to the database will be assigned to this season 2009 Summer