The Navigation Centre is where the majority of your processes will take place. It is the focal point of the program, taking all of the most common processes and organizing them within logical modules.

There are some additional functions in Sportzware Central that you cannot access through the Navigation Centre, for example Career Statistics, Club Championship administration, and the 'Delete a Round' function. These can be accessed through the top menu.

  1. Drop down menu items provide the user with access to additional functions from any screen within the database.
  2. The Configuration module is where all program settings are generally located.
  3. The Membership module is where club, team and member information is managed (including transfers and tribunal).
  4. The Competitions module is where draws and scheduling is handled.
  5. Daily Admin is where season information such as results, statistics and ladders are all managed.
  6. Season Rollover helps the user with management of historical data.
  7. The Help button opens up a PDF copy of the SWC User Guide in Acrobat Reader.
  8. The Reports button takes the user to the Reports Centre where all reports are accessed from.
  9. Upload to the Web is where the user can (1) send competition information to their Sportzware Website, (2) synchronise membership information to their Sportzware Online Membership Database and (3) synchronise Online Results information.
  10. The Exit button closes the current database and returns you to the Data Manager screen.