Team Officials (Head Coach and Assistant Coach)

1) First you must assign each Team with a Head Coach and Assistant Coach via the Officials tab within a Team Record (after adding them as a Coach via Members)

2) Then you need to assign the Team Officials to games via Daily Admin > Full Match Entry ("assign team officials to game") - This will ensure they are imported into LiveStats


Match Officials (Commissioner and Referees)

1) First you must add a Member and specify them as a Match Official

2) Once added you need to assign the Match Officials to individual games via Daily Admin > Match Official Allocation - To do so select the relevant Member as listed on the left and Add them in as either a Commissioner or Referee/Umpire (Referee for referee #1 and Umpire for referee #2 and referee #3 in corresponding order - Please be aware of this)

Finally complete a Warehouse Sync to ensure the officials are downloaded into LiveStats