As part of setting up your hosted solution account, users must activate the pages that they wish to display and set the names and other settings for each.

There are three (3) main pages available including - schedule, standings and leaders. 

All of the above listed pages can be activated by following the below outlined steps. 

1. Select "Page Active" & "Name of this page" from drop down menu.

2.  Select how the data will display by altering Phase, Pool, Match Type and Match Group Selection. 

Phase Selection - Allows you to display matches/data from a specific phases. (e.g. Finals, regular season etc.)

Pool Selection - Allows you to display matches/data based on specific pools (e.g. Pool A or No Pools)

Match Type Selection -  Allows you to display matches/data based on the type of match. 

Match Group Selection - Allows you to display data based on specific groups (eg. Round 1 or No Rounds)

3. You now need to select some specific options (these will differ slightly for each page)

Options include - team name, team link, venue name, venue link, match name, match link, player link and player name. 

These options will alter what displays (e.g. Team Name or Team nickname) and where the link will direct them (e.g. Internal Info or external team website)

4. Users should now "Save" the page they have completed and follow these steps for all other pages.