Please pay attention to 2 URLs provided to you (XXX - your client code):

To set up a new Hosted Solution account you will first need to make basic configurations in admin page:

  1. General page
  2. Languages
  3. Data

General Page

General Setup

Timezone - This should be set to the timezone for which the league operates in.

1 - Display Main Navigation - choose to display navigation tabs in the main HS page.

2 - Display Competition Selection - choose to allow different competition selection. 

4 - Display Competition Year Selection - choose to allow different seasons selection. 

5 - Display the club's logo if the team does not have a logo - self explanatory.

6 - Display the league's logo / name - choose to fill top header with league's logo and name. Competition name is displayed by default.

7 - Display competition logo instead of league logo if available - if competition has own logo, this can be displayed rather than league logo.

The above mentioned settings appear as follows in the Hosted Solution page:

Additional Setup

1 - Google Analytics Code - a premium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

2 - Client Code - unique 3-5 letters code allowing to view Live Match Center (Webcast).

3 - Color scheme - allows changing block background, block text and link colors according to the league's style.

Enabled Live Match Center in Hosted Solution page:

You should set how you implement the Hosted Solution page:

1 - Independent Page - should be selected when the Hosted Solution will be used as an independent/free standing league website. Note - You might want first to set up an independent page to check applied settings in to use as an embedded feature.

2 - Embedded - should be selected when the Hosted Solution will be embedded on a user's external website. Domain name(s) of the external page(s) should be added as an allowed referrer.


1 - Languages - allows to choose language of your website interface and content. Note - checkbox for English language is mandatory.

2 - Default language - can be selected to display the website in other than English default language.

If you choose more than one language, language selection box will be displayed:


1 - Choose leagues - mandatory field.

2 - Choose competitions - allows to choose which competitions ('leagues" in FIBA Organizer) will be visible in the Hosted Solution page.

3 - Active - allows to select which competitions are displayed.

4 - Default - choose competition will be displayed by default when the page is opened.

All active competitions will be displayed in the drop down box: